Seventeen Malaysia Cover Girl Search Finalist 2013

July 4, 2013

Seventeen Malaysia Cover Girl Search 2013
17 Malaysia Cover Girl Search Finalist 2013
Here are the Top 10 Finalists for Seventeen Cover Girl Search 2013 and I'm happy to announce that *drum roll* I'm one of them! Woo hoo! Yeah!! xD Ok, I'm just happy and thankful that I've made it as one of the Top 10 Finalists and hopefully get to be Seventeen Malaysia's Cover Girl 2013 (well, who wouldn't want it right?) I was quite anticipated when I got to know that they've already chosen their finalists. Since we as a human, can't seem to help ourselves to have that little negative thoughts crossed our minds which made me think that I wouldn't probably make it. But hey, I reminded myself that if I don't get it, at least I know that I've tried and there's nothing to lose. And at last, I am in :)

I had such a fun time on that day! I'm glad that I have my friends around to support me and it's been quite a long time I haven't seen them. So, I get to have not only a photoshoot, but also spending time with my friends. Honestly, it wouldn't be that fun if you don't bring your friends along for an event like this. I know you can still bring your parents or siblings, but it wouldn't be the As you can see, I am wearing a pretty dress from TOMS Girl :) But truthfully, I'm not fond of dresses or skirts ever since I was young. Though, I do wear them sometimes back then but as I grow older, I prefer not to. Even if I do wear a dress or a skirt now, I would prefer wearing them with leggings or depends. And if it's a pair of shorts, I prefer them to be knee length. No matter, I'm just hoping that I get to wear more jeans or pants for any future photoshoot, that is if there is. Just letting you guys know what my preferences is which explains why most of my looks on LOOKBOOK are in jeans :)

Anyway, each year Seventeen Malaysia will held a Cover Girl Search and to those who wanted to enter can send in their entries via mail (if you fill out the form from the magazine) or via email (through online flyer by visiting their website) Don't forget to send your best recent photos and to smile too! and by best meaning being your best self. I'd like to wish anyone of you who's keen to enter for next year's search the best of luck! I have to say that this year, Seventeen made the voting system a bit different which they don't show the number of votes for each person. So it's quite hard to tell who's in the lead. But I'm pretty sure they have good reasons for it.

I'd also like to ask a little help from you guys to vote for me here if you think I make an awesome cover girl! I really appreciate it very much and thank all of you for doing so :D If I do win, I hope I get to share my happiness with you somehow. The picture below are actually the accessories that they've asked to bring. The shoes and bracelets are the accessories I own that I wore for this photoshoot and the FreshKon contact lens are actually freebies from Seventeen that they gave to all the finalists on that day. All in all, it is a wonderful experience! ;D

More of BTS photoshoot below!

Don't forget to grab yourself a copy of Seventeen Malaysia July Issue and please do vote for me! :D
Thanks Seventeen! :)

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