Synthetic Makeup Brushes from Inmazing

May 22, 2016

FTC - This is not a sponsored post.

Hey guys! Meet my new makeup brushes! I bought these no-name synthetic brush set from an online store called Inmazing through Lazada. It's 10 pieces per set and only cost around $8! Thanks to Aen Sa'ari for giving me tips about makeup brushes which has helped me in making decisions on buying brushes. I remember she showed me the difference between synthetic and natural hair brushes last time when she did my makeup for my friend's video project (I was the model). Also, I further did my research about it by reading a bunch of articles online. The difference? while both are good type of brushes to have (as long it's cruelty free), it depends on the kind of product you're using. Synthetic brushes are best for liquid or cream product, while natural hair brushes are best for powdery product as it contain cuticles that helps to lift and absorb powder pigment better. You can read more tips on Stylecaster, Bustle and which I find it helpful. Plus, if you like to know the advantages of synthetic brushes, check out Nanshy's blog post.

The brushes that I bought are soft! (as you can see from the gif image above) and pretty 😍, but it does smell of glue. It's not that bad, the smell will eventually wear off over time and as long it does a good job, it's fine with me. I think these are nice, decent brushes to have and that won't break your bank, especially when you're just starting out. Since Lazada doesn't ship worldwide, I have searched and found that you can also buy them here on Aliexpress, which cost around the same amount that includes free shipping and have more variety of colors!

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