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February 19, 2017

Remax Mirror Power Bank 10000maH (Rose Gold) - Lazada

The other day, I went out with my sister to the IT Mall and we stop by one of the shops there. I wasn't looking for anything in particular initially, but then I figured that I (finally) need to get myself a power bank. I used to think that I don't need one because I don't go out much and if I do, I can always rely on my phone charger. But, boy was I wrong! The frustration when your phone is running out of battery, and you have no time to plug and wait for it to charge!—especially during special occasions.

Anyway, I look through all kinds of power banks, and one caught my interest. It’s the Remax Mirror!—stylish, functional, and just the right size—I know I gotta have it! It cost only 89 MYR. Buuutt, for someone who is on a budget, probably want the best bang for the buck. You gotta shop smart. After some thoughts, then I remembered ShopBack! So I immediately searched for the model on Lazada, and luckily found it. The seller sold it for the same price, but with a discount of 11%. And thanks to ShopBack, I managed to get it further discounted which cost only 67.15 MYR each (I bought 2, one for me and one for my sister) + cashback.

So what is ShopBack? To put it simply, ShopBack is a cashback site. It helps you save money by using discounts and earn back a certain percentage of cash each time you shop through their site. Available globally, and is the top cashback site in Malaysia, they have partnered with over 500 retailers including ASOS, Zalora, GoDaddy, and AGODA—just to name a few. Hey, they even have Foodpanda! So you can shop pretty much anything really. There are already posts out there that shows you how to use ShopBack. In this post, I’m dishing up some of the essentials.

Meet Happy Bag

First off, after you have successfully registered yourself, there's a pop-up tutorial which Happy Bag—the cute lil bag—will assist you step by step on how to get started! They even provide a video tutorial, which I find it helpful. If you ever have trouble using the site, you can always visit their Help Center page or contact them by giving a call.

The Dashboard

Look how color coordinated it is! And there are key things that you need to know here. Once your order has been successfully placed, you'll have to wait within 48 hours for the cashback to be reflected as pending. After that, you'll have to wait again for a certain number of days (depends on the merchant's T&C) for it to turn redeemable. Once that's over, you can cash out! So, you gotta have patience. Do remember that you will only get your cashback if you didn't return, exchange or cancel your order.

48 hours

75 days

Cash out!
Successful order Reflected as pending Cashback turns redeemable
What happens if the retailer did not validate your tracked cashback within the period? Well, I've asked them and their reply was:

"Typically the merchant will validate within the stated redeemable period (usually earlier). However, sometimes the merchant is late in validating so there might be a delay. If this is the case, you can contact our customer service who can assist you!" - ShopBack

Sweet Deals

You can find the offers by visiting the brand's page on the site. Each brand will give different percentage of cashback and set their own terms & conditions. So please be sure to read their T&C's before you shop! Here's an example page of Sephora and their offers.

That Bonus

All you need to do is complete the steps, and the 5 MYR is all yours! Oh hey, and I have an extra 5 MYR that I wanna share just for you guys! That means, you get to enjoy a bonus of 10 MYR instead of 5 MYR. Just register through the link below!


But how?

I do wonder myself at first on how they would make money by doing this. Good thing about ShopBack is that they are transparent of their process. When us shoppers makes a successful transaction on any online store that is linked from ShopBack’s platform, the brand who gains from the purchase will give a commission to ShopBack. ShopBack will then return a cut of its commission back to us! Pretty simple.

So, would you give it a go? or why not let others know your experience below.

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